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Welcome to Editage!

Our company was born in 2002 for a singular purpose: to help researchers break the language barrier and publish good research.

Editage started out as a provider of premium English-language editing services. But our experience of helping over 165,000 authors worldwide has taught us that authors expect, and we can do, so much more.

So today, in line with our vision, we have stepped beyond the realm of language. We offer holistic publication support, provide consultative services to authors, and organize global workshops and webinars to equip researchers with critical publication skills and help them adopt good publication practices.

We find, however, that this is only a part of the big picture, and there is a pressing need to educate Western journals and publishers about the hurdles that ESL (English-as-a-second-language) researchers face. Our Managing Editors participate regularly in international conferences. And we’re happy that our efforts (in the form of papers, panel discussions, presentations, and posters) have been instrumental in getting the publishing industry to acknowledge the importance of bridging the East-West divide when it comes to research publication. But there is a still long way to go.

It’s been 12 years since we began working with researchers to achieve a common goal—the publication of good research. And we’re happy to have done several things, big and small, that take us closer to our vision of being true enablers and trusted advisors for our authors. But this journey has only just begun. And to move ahead, we need your inputs.

What would you have us do, as we work toward our goal of becoming Trusted Advisors who take your research to the world? Do mail me at with your thoughts.

Thank you for visiting us!

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We are trusted advisors who help make research more accessible, accelerating global science and human development, through a combination of inspired people and great technology.