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Chemistry and Materials Science

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2014년 08월 12일
주제 Chemistry and Materials Science | 조회수 15 393
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There is a growing interest paired with attempts in creating a synthesis machine or a ‘robo-chemist’ that would take over the traditional organic chemistry. Such a device would offer a diversity of compounds for investigation by researchers developing drugs, agrochemicals, or materials. A project... 자세히보기
2014년 01월 29일
주제 Chemistry and Materials Science | 조회수 18 708
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Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy have discovered that sodium bismuthate can exist as a form of quantum matter called a 3D topological Dirac semimetal (3DTDS). This discovery of what is essentially a 3D version of graphene should open new doors for the high-tech industry (read more... 자세히보기
2013년 12월 30일
주제 Chemistry and Materials Science | 조회수 8 090
평점: 1.6
In a study that challenges the fundamental rules of classical chemistry, W. Zhang et al. have published their predictions and experiments on compressing sodium chloride (under 200,000 atm) to form new compounds. The authors report compounds that violate textbook rules—NaCl3, NaCl7, Na3Cl2, Na2Cl,... 자세히보기
2013년 12월 03일
주제 Chemistry and Materials Science | 조회수 9 184
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Molecules existing in two spatial configurations that are mirror images of one another are said to be “chiral.” Thus far, the chirality of molecules in the gaseous state has not been measured. In a recent study, however, researchers were able to determine the chirality of a gaseous sample by... 자세히보기