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Plant and Animal Science

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2014년 09월 04일
주제 Plant and Animal Science | 조회수 14 380
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A zoologist at the Natural History Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen, Jean Just, discovered sea creatures in the Tasman Sea that cannot be classified into any known major phyla. These invertebrate creatures—now classified as Dendrogramma—are mushroom shaped, multicellular, asymmetrical, and have a... 자세히보기
2014년 07월 02일
주제 Plant and Animal Science | 조회수 16 059
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Scientists from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zürich) and their colleagues combined analytical chemistry and behavioral assessment to study the relation between malaria-infected mammals and mosquitoes. They found that Anopheles stephensi mosquitoes were most attracted to malaria-... 자세히보기
2014년 06월 03일
주제 Plant and Animal Science | 조회수 594 364
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It is believed that bees, like birds and butterflies, use the sun as a compass for navigation unlike mammals who use a mental map. However, Randolf Menzel, a neurobiologist at the Free University of Berlin, and his team suggest that bees do not rely only on the sun, but use a ‘cognitive map’ to... 자세히보기
2014년 05월 19일
주제 Plant and Animal Science | 조회수 12 974
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Neuroscientist Alipasha Vaziri of the University of Vienna and his colleagues have for the first time imaged all of the neurons firing in a living organism, the nematode worm Caenorhabditis elegans. They engineered C. elegans so that when a neuron fires and calcium ions pass through its cell... 자세히보기
2014년 05월 16일
주제 Plant and Animal Science | 조회수 25 598
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Guy Levy, a neuroscientist at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and his team studied how an octopus avoids latching onto itself. They cut off an octopus’s arm and subjected it to a series of tests, and found that octopus arms have a built-in mechanism that prevents the suckers from grabbing... 자세히보기