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2014년 08월 19일
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Researchers from New York University Langone Medical Center found that low doses of antibiotics in the early life of mice led to obesity when they grew up due to long-lasting consequences of the antibiotics on gut microbes. Further, when the gut microbes were transferred from antibiotic-treated... 자세히보기
2014년 07월 28일
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Exposure to dim light
The growth of human breast cancer tumors implanted in rats speeded up by 2.5 times when they were exposed to dim light at night according to a study conducted by Steven Hill and his team at Tulane University School of Medicine. They also found that the exposed rats’ cancer cells became resistant to... 자세히보기
2014년 05월 22일
주제 Medicine, Health, and Nursing | 조회수 12 837
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Researchers at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, found that placenta, which was thought to be sterile, harbors bacteria. They found that the placental microbiome was most similar to that present in the mouth of non-pregnant women. The microbes are generally non-pathogenic, but... 자세히보기
2014년 05월 21일
주제 Medicine, Health, and Nursing | 조회수 12 583
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The exact cause of the enigmatic and potentially lethal Kawasaki disease, which predominantly affects the children in Japan, Hawaii, and Southern California, was unknown to researchers for decades. It was assumed by many scientists that it could be a viral disease. However, new findings indicate... 자세히보기
2014년 04월 23일
주제 Medicine, Health, and Nursing | 조회수 13 288
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In a recent study, scientists were able to identify and arrest the action of a single molecular agent that affects the body’s ability to properly use, transport, and rid itself of cholesterol. This agent, called glycosphingolipid, or GSL, resides in the membranes of all cells, and is mostly known... 자세히보기