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2014년 08월 28일
주제 Physics | 조회수 14 032
평점: 1.5
Anton Zeilinger, a physicist at the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna, has developed a method of taking pictures using light that has not interacted with the object being photographed. Conventionally, an object is seen because it reflects light. But Zeilinger used pairs of photons that are ‘... 자세히보기
2014년 06월 25일
주제 Physics | 조회수 12 994
평점: 1
Anders Nilsson and his team at Stanford University in California have made forays into understanding the yet unexplored properties of water. They took snapshots of liquid water cooled to -46 °C by shooting a jet of liquid through a vacuum, which created water drops that rapidly chilled due to... 자세히보기
2014년 06월 09일
주제 Physics | 조회수 13 554
평점: 1
In the 1980s, researchers weren’t successful in manipulating micron-size objects with focused laser beams through “optical tweezers” due to the law of diffraction. This law limited the degree to which light can be focused, and most objects smaller than about 100 nanometers couldn’t be trapped. The... 자세히보기
2014년 05월 20일
주제 Physics | 조회수 12 191
평점: 1
Oliver Pike, a plasma physicist at Imperial College London, and his peers have devised a plan for a device that would use a key piece of fusion equipment to convert light, a form of energy, into particles with mass. This would be possible by smashing photons together to create electrons and their... 자세히보기
2014년 01월 17일
주제 Physics | 조회수 19 529
평점: 1.8
Most light-gathering macromolecules are composed of chromophores attached to proteins, which capture sunlight. Previous studies have suggested that energy thus transferred is in a wave-like manner, but a non-classical explanation could not be conclusively proved as the phenomena identified could... 자세히보기